4 Things To Avoid This Christmas When You Go Tech Shopping

It’s all fun and frolic until Christmas woes don’t come your way!

Christmas is THE MOST awaited time of the year. We shop, eat, have fun, travel and what not. But Christmas can be gloomy if you aren’t proactive. Well, it’s the best time for seller and buyers to give great deals. However, there are certain things you must avoid. Ditching them will help you have a ‘Merry Merry Christmas’! Here you go.


Do not buy these gadgets this Christmas: If you are anything like a geek and planning to fill in your pockets with some more gadgets, you’d most likely find best of deals around. However, there is a list of gadgets you mustn’t get this Christmas. Such gadgets include Android devices in the surge, older versions of iPhone, PS4 and laptops.

A few Android smartphone brands are coming up with foldable phones, you can rather switch to them. When it comes to older iPhone, we’d say wait for AirPods to come (which is supposed to be available at the earliest), else you’ll feel envious of everyone around having them. PS4 has high rates. You can rather switch to PS3, which is available at cheaper prices. Lastly, wait for a while because Google is working on its new operating system for Pixel 3 laptops. So yes, not getting these gadgets this time can be beneficial.


Do not order anything just prior to Christmas eve: Avoiding the rule: buy your stuff as late as possible, can sometimes be beneficial for you. Waiting for the last moment to come and then making your deal can be perilous at times. You may end up with having leftovers or might not get quality products. On top of that, last moment can also be the time for sellers to charge an extra penny.


Do not die for extended warranty: Many merchants would offer you their products at an extended warranty, for which you are supposed to pay little more. It might seem wise to invest in it but only if you really need it. Every electronic article comes with manufacturer’s warranty for a year. If there happens to be any accident or manufacturing defect, then that is replaced within that warranty. Apparently, spending for some extra (in which you might not use the product) is no way a good deal. You must avoid it!


Do not order stuff from any random website: Online shopping is the trend of the time. However, you must not shop from any random website. Over the previous year, online shopping has gained immense popularity. Marketing Tech News states, “A decade or more ago, online retail wasn’t exactly in its infancy but it wasn’t happening at today’s scale. Last year, online retail sales topped £24bn.

More significantly, it was clicks rather than brick and mortar shopping that saw the most growth, with online sales rising by 7.4% compared to 0.1% at physical stores.

So for Christmas 2016, there are no excuses for poor online shopping performance because this is where retailers are most likely to generate growth and volume sales.”

With that stated, you mustn’t visit any random webstore and shop!

This was about what you should avoid this Christmas. We have also listed technologies that can make your Christmas eve perfect.


  • comment_avtar
    Danisa Rais
    I appreciate this advise regarding electronic gadget. I also believe lake of quality for the seasonal sale. They would never sell anything with loss. So if they offer a huge discount, I should checkout the quality over and over.

    7 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Hey Danisa! Its a little too late to reply but I am glad that the post was of interest to you! Thanks for reading!

      7 years ago

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