4 Simple Ways to Go Silent on WhatsApp

Just like Google has become our go-to word for searching anything on web similarly, WhatsApp is now the metonym of texting. The Smartphone revolution has drastically changed the way of how we communicate. With WhatsApp texting has gone to a whole new level as now we can’t just share mere plain text messages but also share pictures, videos, contacts, current location and a lot more other relevant stuff with our friends and family.

whatsapp silent

Another unique feature why we all love WhatsApp app so much is the fact that we don’t have to worry about individual costs of sending messages. All we need is an active data plan and a Smartphone and we’re then good to go! WhatsApp is one massive application which offers cross-platform functionality and has a universal acceptance across the globe.

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1. Take a Break?

With so many active users worldwide, almost every device is now installed with WhatsApp. And this is the reason why our phone constantly keeps popping WhatsApp notifications all day long. By any chance are you willing to take a tiny break from these annoying notifications without uninstalling the app? Well, yes that’s pretty much possible.

Here are the 4 most simple & effective ways of how to go silent on WhatsApp without uninstalling the app from your Smartphone.

2. Be Less Visible

be less visible

Display as less information as possible to your contacts. Yes, that’s right! This is the first and foremost thing to do on WhatsApp for being less visible. Hide as much info as you can be including your profile pic, status, last seen like you don’t exist at all! Well, that’s the trick. The less information your contacts will see, the less they’ll poke you. You’ll still be able to message other people and see all their contact info but they won’t see yours. To do so, head on to Settings> Account> Privacy and set profile pic, last seen, status to “Nobody”. In this way, you can enjoy a little incognito mode on WhatsApp for a while and stay away from buzzing notifications.

3. Disable Notifications

Disable Notifications

If being less visible doesn’t work and if still, a few annoying contacts poke you somehow, you can try disabling WhatsApp notifications for a while. There are two ways to disable notification one being via WhatsApp settings and other via phone’s setting. You can disable notifications, LED light notification, sound notifications so that you don’t feel bothered anyhow.

4. Mute Conversations

Mute Conversations

As there are hundreds and millions of active users on WhatsApp, every minute a new notification pops on app. But why to worry when we have the power to mute conversations? If there’s a particular group in which it rains messages like cats and dogs you can mute that group to avoid yourself from annoying notifications. To temporarily mute a specific chat, open the chat and tap the three-dot Menu button in the upper-right corner and then select “Mute notifications” option. You can select various mute options from 8 hours, a week, or a year.

Ignore WhatsApp

Another simple way to go silent on WhatsApp is to ignore it. The less you see it the lesser you’ll use it! This doesn’t require any settings tweak or something, but majorly requires a lot of willpower and patience as you’ll see for how long you can survive without this app. All we ask you to do is try hiding the app, simply, delete its shortcut from home screen, hide it somewhere in folders where you can’t see it every time you unlock your device. You can also download some app locker app from Google Play Store and drag WhatsApp inside it to keep it safe and secure while being hidden at the same time. Doing this will lessen your urge of frequently using this application while you can enjoy some time off away from app.

So folks here were the 4 most effective ways on how to go silent on WhatsApp without uninstalling the app from your device. If you’re willing to take some time off away from app, now is the time!

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