4 Cool Gadgets That Would Make Christmas Awesome, If …

they were available!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again and we’re sure nerds and gadget lovers cannot wait to grab their favorite toys this holiday season. 2016 being a witness to some of the biggest tech releases, it is natural to be extremely fired up to get your hands on these. Unfortunately, there are some extremely popular releases that will certainly be hard to find this Christmas. Whether it’s due to them being sold out or delays in production, these gadgets will miss the celebrations this holiday season.

  1. NES Classic Edition

30 in-built classic 8-bit games, old school console and controller, $60 price tag; nothing could ever go wrong with such a deal. Unfortunately, the deal was too lucrative for Nintendo fans who have supposedly rid the shelves from Nintendo Classic Edition console. The nostalgia fueled console has been sold out almost everywhere and buyers will have to wait till fresh stocks arrive. It means there’s no way you can find it easily this Christmas. You could buy it from EBay for an outrageous price though!


  1. AirPods

This isn’t the first time Apple tried something so revolutionary that their own engineering team failed to deliver. We already know how the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models have completely abandoned the 3.5 mm audio jack in favor of Bluetooth enabled headphones. Branded as ‘AirPods’ these innovative Bluetooth headphones were supposed to be made available along with the new iPhone. However, delays in shipping have caused a rage among iPhone 7 buyers followed by a lot of public criticism. That is one ‘Job’ Apple didn’t get right.


  1. Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone

Remember when the best feature in mobile phones was their compact size? Well, ever since the arrival of smartphones and touchscreen devices, people are more concerned about screen sizes rather than its ergonomics. Reportedly, Samsung was developing its first specimen of a foldable smartphone and showing off several prototypes. However, we’re yet to see a production model for this highly elusive smartphone design. Although there are rumors of it being released in January 2017 or later next year. but looking at how things are working out with the incendiary Note 7, Samsung’s certainly got some bigger issues to worry about.


  1. Google Andromeda OS on Pixel 3

We’ve already seen Google’s very own operating system for computers and laptop on their Chromebooks. Reportedly, Google is busy developing a new operating system for their upcoming Pixel 3 laptop. The new operating system is an amalgamation of Chrome OS and Android that will make it extremely user friendly for a majority of smartphone users. Nevertheless, this new tech is not expected to arrive before fall next year, with possible delays.


Howsoever promising or cool the above items maybe, they’re still pretty hard to find this year. Nevertheless, there’re plenty of other gadgets that you can get. For more details and suggestions, you can also check our list of best tech gifts you can buy this Christmas.


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