3D Touch Tips And Tricks, You Must Know

3D touch is the revolutionary feature on iPhone 6S and later. Since these devices have built-in pressure sensor on the touchscreen that allows some unique control options. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips and tricks about 3D touch which are commonly not known to users. These tips will help you to use this amazing feature effectively.

1. Use Your keyboard As Trackpad:

Yes, the devices with 3D touch have a secret trackpad. When typing a long message you may find it difficult to quickly navigate to a specific line or word. For this, press on the keyboard with pressure and you use it as a trackpad. You can smoothly slide the cursor anywhere in the written message. This makes it far easier to navigate anywhere in the written message.

Use Your keyboard As Trackpad

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2. Mark images With Dark And Light Colors:

Here is another remarkable utilization of 3D touch feature. If you frequently mark images then with 3D touch you can mark them in light and dark colors. For this select a pencil or marker tool when you will touch the screen softly it will draw light color and if you will draw with the pressure it will give dark and thick impression. This can be used on many drawing apps on iPads and iPhones.

Mark images With Dark And Light Colors

3. Preview Website Without Opening It:

Sometimes we get links from our friends and sometimes on email. We do not want to open safari browser in the middle of the conversation or sometimes we doubt the authenticity of the website so with 3D touch you just need to touch the link with pressure and scroll a little up it will show you the preview of the website.

Preview Website Without Opening It

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4. Reply Or Forward Emails Without Opening them:

Some emails come with read receipts so if you do not want the sender to receive read receipt for the email then you can view the email without opening it even you will be able to forward it or reply it. All you need to do is to tap an unread email with the pressure and scroll a little up this will show you preview of the email with options to Reply it, Forward it or Mark it.

Reply Or Forward Emails Without Opening them

5. Open Your Recent Photos Quickly From The Camera App:

While clicking a short you can quickly go through the recent images. To do this tap with the pressure on the thumbnail at the left corner in the camera app and scroll left to right. You will see a quick preview of the images you recently clicked or added to your camera roll.

Open Your Recent Photos Quickly From The Camera App

These 3D touch tips and tricks are hardly known to iPhone users apart from this you can also use some common 3D touch tips to pause an ongoing application download to quickly preview your notification, click selfies etc.

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