Friday Essentials: From Super Mario to Star Wars

It’s your favorite day of the week and it is time to talk about the latest happenings in the world of technology. There’s a high chance that most of you nerds and geeks might already be atop the hottest tech news this week. But for those who don’t know, here are some essential news this week that you should know.

  1. Super Mario Run for iOS

Bored of those generic endless running games on your iPhone? Thankfully, Nintendo have provided a much needed refresher to the seemingly stagnant game genre with Super Mario Run. The video game app was released for iOS devices on the 15th and will be made available for android devices next year. Unlike most endless runners, Super Mario Run takes the classic Mario game and reinvents it with auto-run mechanism to make gameplay faster and more challenging. A must-have video game for all Mario fans and video game fans in general.

  1. Yahoo Hacked Once Again

If there’s one organization that doesn’t learn lessons, that’s Yahoo. Sure they might have pioneered and reinvented instant messaging and social media back in the 90’s. But their poor reputation for protecting account information have taken away much of their past glory. After getting more than 500 million user accounts hacked in 2013, Yahoo announced an even bigger data breach that has affected more than 1 billion user accounts. A number much larger than the entire US population!

  1. Bluetooth 5

With Apple’s new iPhone 7 completely abandoning headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth headphones, we know how trending this technology has been in 2016. Since Bluetooth is one of the major technologies driving IoT (Internet of things) devices, a brand new version called Bluetooth 5 has been released for manufacturers across the globe. This update was made official by the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) along with several improvements and additions. New updates improve connection range, speed, transfer capacity etc. for seamless connectivity between devices.

  1. Star Wars Rogue One

A must-watch for nerds and Sci-fi fans, Star Wars: Rogue One is the latest movie of the Star Wars film franchise. The plot is set after the events of Revenge of the Sith (2005) and tells more about the creation of empire’s superweapon, the Death Star. However, the movie is not part of the sequel trilogy that started with Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

  1. US Election Assistance Commission Database Hacked

If you’ve had any qualms about the unexpected turn of events in the US Presidential elections, then here’s something that’ll add fuel to the fire. It was recently revealed that the EAC (Election Assistance Commission) was compromised by a Russian hacker named Rasputin. Although this didn’t have any effect on the election results, we’re sure several Clinton supporters will certainly raise some hue n cry over this.

Interestingly or unfortunately, the rise of cybercrime is pretty evident. It has become a major issue for internet users and service providers across the globe. Therefore, it is important for readers to become increasingly aware about this highly devastating threat and take their cyber security with extreme caution.

Stay tuned, we’ll be back with more interesting news.


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