30 Games That Might Feature on SNES Classic Edition

NES Classic Edition Mini sure was a treat for Nintendo Fans and game enthusiasts, that was only mired by its lack of stocks leading to its eventual unavailability in market. Nevertheless, this still excited lot of nerds across the globe as there were several rumors about possibility of Super Nintendo Mini Edition. Thankfully, these rumors turned to be true past week as Nintendo officially announced a ‘SNES Mini Classic Edition’ to be launched this year. With this news, speculations for the possible games to be featured on the console is also hot in gaming forums on the internet. Therefore, it would certainly be worthwhile to publish our own list of SNES titles that we’d like to see when SNES Classic Edition is launched.

1. Contra III – The Alien Wars


This side scrolling run n gun classic is even better with its SNES title and is considered the best by fans. Game mechanics stay the same as with NES titles but players can now select 2 weapons at once and switch them at will against a variety of enemies. New weapons, incredible boss battles and challenging gameplay makes this a definitive pick.

2. Donkey Kong Country


We’ve already mentioned how revolutionary this game was during its. And there’s certainly no reason why this should be left out from the SNES Mini roster. Developers will have a hard time deciding between this title and Diddy Kong’s Quest, but both are gems that would be loved by gamers.

3. Final Fight 3


Fans might argue that Nintendo should include Final Fight 2. But we’d certainly pick the third game in the series, simply due to its better gameplay, number of selectable characters and some of the best moveset featured in a beat em up game.

4. Super Castlevania IV


This game certainly deserves the ‘Super’ in its title as it was better than its predecessors in every way. The gameplay is smoother and player has now access to several new moves and the ability to hit in all 8 directions. The revamped music and the incredible looking backgrounds makes this one of the best on SNES.

5. Kirby Super Star


Another great game that became even better on 16-bit, Kirby Super Star is a platforming gem that was enhanced in its Super Nintendo launch. You can also add AI controlled helpers in game and grant them different abilities absorbed during gameplay. The second player can also control the helper adding co-op style gameplay that makes it even more fun.

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6. Super Metroid

super-metroidA definitive game for any Nintendo fan, Super Metroid not only looks and plays better than original, but is far more challenging. SNES added several new moves for Samus such as wall jump, 8-directional fire along with a special moon walk ability. It also featured a save system along with 3 separate endings.

7. NBA Jam


Basketball video games didn’t have much freshness to offer before NBA Jam that was noted for bringing NBA players in a video game. It features a 2 on 2 basketball match along with exaggerated and powered-up moves that break the laws of physics in several ways. Nevertheless, it also makes the game extremely fun and addictive.

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time


One of the most popular beat em ups on SNES certainly needs to be featured on the Classic Edition. It featured several elements from NES games with improved animations, sprites and a 4-player mode. Several new moves were also added along with new enemy bosses. Super Shredder plays the final boss along with a versus battle mode.

9. Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting


The fastest fighting game on SNES, Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting is the definitive edition of this game for the console. It also added several new moves for each character along with alternative color palettes that also made it the best-looking games on SNES.

10. Super Punch-Out


If you thought the original Mike Tyson Punch Out was tough, wait till you try Super Punch Out. The 16-bit version looks far more superb than the NES version and adds some dynamism to the gameplay. Players can now use enhanced moves when the special power meter fills up to deliver instant knockouts.

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11. Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past


The 3rd game in the Zelda series, Link to the Past is a much-needed enhancement that the fans were crying for. It adds diagonal movements, better combat systems and running to speed up the gameplay. Moreover, it also adds Light and Dark worlds where player must travel to finish the game.

12. Mega Man X


Although there aren’t a lot of gameplay differences between Mega Man X and older titles, new features such as dash, wall jump, wall cling and dash jump makes it far more exciting. These also make it possible for players to clear levels without using a lot of weapons. Weapons are also upgraded when bosses are defeated along with several powerups that upgrade player armor.

13. Shadowrun

Now there a lot of chances that Shadowrun might not appear on the classic edition, but it is clearly deserving on this list. Shadowrun is a point-n-click action RPG set in a cyberpunk-esque setting viewed from an isometric perspective. It has tremendous gameplay depth and a highly engrossing story that will grab your interest, the moment you start this game. we can only hope that it gets featured on SNES Classic.

14. Aladdin


Although a lot of people prefer the Genesis version to this, doesn’t mean Aladdin shouldn’t be on the Classic Edition. We’ve already talked how this is one of the greatest platformers in the history of video games and was the highest selling game after Street Fighter 2. Players control Aladdin and Abu as they must transverse 7 stages and defeat the final boss.

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15. Mortal Kombat II


Several fans would be puzzled why we didn’t choose Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3? That’s simply because Nintendo port for that game decided to tone down the violence and limited secret characters. Hence, Mortal Kombat II should be featured on the new console. MK2 not only added several new characters to the existing roster, but also adds several new fatalities, babalities and friendship moves. Combined with new color schemes and sprites made it one of the best fighting game on SNES.

Although there are 15 more titles that will appear on the SNES Classic Mini Edition, the above titles are certain to find a place. The below list also contains titles that have been fan favorites, but clearly don’t need to be explained in detail due to the speculative nature of this list.

  1. Super Mario All Stars
  2. International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
  3. Legend of the Mystical Ninja
  4. Super Bomberman
  5. Zombies Ate My Neighbors
  6. Wild Guns
  7. ActRaiser
  8. Earthworm Jim
  9. Battletoads And Double Dragon
  10. Super Mario Kart
  11. Yoshi’s Island
  12. Super Mario World
  13. Super Ghosts N Ghouls
  14. Knights of the Round
  15. NHL 94’

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed till the mini console makes its debut and hope that we get to see most of the above-mentioned titles to enjoy alongside friends.

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