3 Ways to Enhance Siri Experience on iOS Device

Believe it or not, but with the help of digital virtual assistants, our life has surely become easier. Now we can do our day to day tasks faster and that too with minimal efforts. Be it Alexa, Cortana or Siri, thanks to voice recognition technology now we can accomplish our tasks in a smarter way. The major challenge we face while using voice assistants is when they fail to listen to our command. And of course, if they don’t listen to it correctly, there are high chances that the command would be misinterpreted and you obviously won’t be pleased with the output.

So, if you’re facing such issues with Siri as well, here are a few ways that can better the situations. Let’s discuss each one of them in detail.

1. Take Up the Voice Training Session Again

Redoing the voice training of Siri will surely be a big help. So, if you have already set up Siri on your iOS device here’s how you can redo the voice training.

  1. Head on to Settings, tap the “Siri and Search” option.
  2. Toggle OFF the “Listen for Hey Siri” switch from the options.
    liten to hey siri
  3. Wait for a few minutes and now toggle back the switch again.
  4. You’ll be prompted to set up Siri all over again on your iPhone. Tap the “Continue” button to proceed further.
    setup hey siri
  5. Now, here you need to redo the whole voice training process again by saying out loud “Hey Siri” catchphrase for a few times.say hey siri
  6. Try and say the phrase from different angles and distance so that Siri understands your commands even if the phone is away.
  7. Once you’re done, tap the “Done” button.siri now ready

A majority of problems will be resolved by this and in case it doesn’t, you can even try the below mentioned methods.

2. Make Siri Pronounce Contact Names Rightly

Agree or not but there’s always a friend in our contact list whose name is difficult to pronounce or spell out loud, right? And when Siri spells it out loud, the results are more hilarious than you can think. So, if you’re afraid that it might hurt your friend’s feeling, you can train Siri to pronounce rightly.

  1. Launch Siri and say, “Show me ”.
  2. Once Siri pops up the contact info on the screen, say “You’re pronouncing it wrong”.pronouncing correct
  3. Siri will then ask you how to pronounce it rightly. A number of options will appear on the screen, you can listen to all of them and pick the best close pronunciation by tapping the “Select” button next to it.play option different
  4. You can repeat this process for a number of contacts and then exit Siri.

3. Name Your Smart Home Devices In A Simpler Way

This method will prove out to be super useful if you’re using Siri to control Smart home devices as well. So, basically what you have to do is rename all your Smart home devices or equipment’s in a simpler, non-complicated way.

Suppose you have a thermostat connected named as “Echobee 356”. So, you can think of renaming it and simply call it “Thermostat” so that Siri gets your command in one shot and you don’t have to stress much by recalling complicated device name again and again.

play option different

To rename a Smart home device, launch the home app on iPhone, then long-press or 3D Touch a device name and then tap the “Details” option. Tap on its name and rename it however you like. Just remember, simpler the names, easier would your life be.

So, folks, here were a few ways that’ll enhance your Siri experience on iOS devices. Feel free to drop your feedback in the comments section below! Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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