3 Smart Ways to Keep Your Apple ID Safe from Hackers

How useful do you think your Apple ID is? You are using it regularly to make in-app purchases or while signing in to your Apple account. Well, they’re not mere credentials and there’s a lot more to this story. Your Apple ID is the only thing that might pique hackers to hold unauthorized access to your device. For instance, if any cybercriminal gets your Apple ID, they can then potentially use it to access other accounts in your name as well. And recently there were a lot of rumors and headlines saying that “Apple ID’s are now being sold on the dark web for just 15 $”. Yes, this is what you may have to face if you compromise on your Apple ID.

So, if you want to avoid any such critical situations here are a few ways by which you can safeguard your Apple ID and keep it away from hacker’s reach.

    1. Act Diligent, Start Spotting Phishing Attacks

      Act Diligent, Start Spotting Phishing Attacks

      How do you think hackers manage to gain access to your Apple ID? Well, believe it or not there’s no rocket science involved in here. In fact we are the one who’s serving our Apple ID on silver platter to hackers. So, for starters what we can do is to beware of all phishing emails or messages. Suppose you get an email message, which closely resembles other, legitimate, messages you’ve received from Apple. What are you gonna do with it now? If the email is requesting your personal info, think hundred times before entering any sensitive information be it your credit card number, SSID or anything.

      For more info you can check this link about how to identify legitimate emails from iTunes or App Store available on Apple’s official website.

    2.  Opt for Two-Step Verification

      Opt for Two-Step Verification

      With two step verifications enabled on your Apple account, it becomes quite difficult for hackers make any changes to your account. This is one full proof method how you can avoid screwing things up. Say, a hacker steals your Apple ID and once they start making changes to any of your associated accounts they’ll be stuck! As two factor authentications also involves an additional layer of security, your lost Apple ID won’t be that big of damage on to your privacy. Although, this may sound like a tiny security measure but if you see the bigger picture it might really be helpful in safeguarding your account’s privacy.

  1. Use a Password Manager
    Use a Password Manager

    Using a authenticate password manager has a number of benefits. It not just helps you in keeping all your account passwords in one place, but also generates longer, tough to crack passwords. Not just this, a smart password manager can easily replace all your account weak passwords with strong ones. In simple parlance, without a password manager you’re just making it infinitely easy for hackers to sabotage your privacy. So, using a genuine password manager and spending a few extra bucks on its subscription will surely help you in keeping your privacy intact in long run.

Your Apple ID is more important than you think! By following these few ways in regard to your security you can keep your life much simpler and sorted.

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