3 Quick Ways to Disable Annoying YouTube Annotations

Whether you agree or not, we all share a love hate relationship with YouTube. We all love watching our favorite TV shows, movies and videos anytime anywhere. On the other hand, we often are often irate with those annoying annotations crawling up the screen, creating unnecessary hindrance in the video content.

YouTube’s comments or annotations are one of the most powerful features, particularly to grab user attention, however they can quickly spiral of control. But hey! You can battle ceaseless speech bubbles: from destroying them one by one to deleting them permanently so they don’t annoy you ever!

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We will discuss 3 simple ways to disable YouTube annotations one by one. Here you go!

  1. First, the soft approach. You can disable an individual annotation simply by hovering over it and clicking the resulting X button. But in this way, you will have to remove all annotations one by one which is quite time consuming. Let’s move on to the second method which is much handier.
  2. The second approach is quite simple too! While watching any YouTube video simply tap on the settings icon (small gear shaped) in the lower right corner.You tube settings

Here you just need to toggle the Annotations switch to disable any further annoyance.

  1. If you prefer not to view any annotations (or cards) for any video at all, you can disable every intuitive component by heading to settings, tapping on Playback from the Account Settings board on the left, and afterward unchecking the option for “Show comments, channel advancements and intelligent cards on recordings.”You tube playback

Unchecking this option will permanently disable annotations and other interactive content on all videos, insofar as you’re logged in with your account.

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So we just briefed out the 3 most simple ways to disable annotations on YouTube. Hope you now enjoy a hassle free viewing experience on YouTube.

If you have any other queries on mind feel free to drop us a comment!

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