2016 Biggest Launches by Tech-Giant: A Brief Round-Up

Think of last 24 hours and figure out the instances you hooked up on gadgets and technology. Certainly, these must be numerous, after all we are moving forward with technological advancements. Having said that, each year has seen leaps when it comes to tech. 2016 too has seen several awestruck tech launches. Here is a brief round-up of 13 biggest launches in 2016 by tech-giants.


  1. Pixel Phone: So we start off with ‘Pixel Phone’! Pixel Phone was a treat after iPhone 7. Unlike other Android devices, Google came up with its most elegant smartphone ever, in October this year. This phone is everything you wish to have- utility, convince, style and status. It has got every- great battery life, awesome camera specs, 5.5-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors, 1440 x 2560 pixels, Corning Gorilla Glass 4, Android OS, v7.1 Nougat, Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 821, Quad-core processor and 4GB RAM.
  1. Daydream: Daydream is Google’s VR. It was launched in May this year. With Daydream, Google has perfectly linked VR with smartphones. It is built into the Android operating system, starting with Android Nougat or Android 7. It consists both software and hardware specification, bringing its compatibility with some smartphones that are Daydream compatible.


  1. iPhone 7: Apple came up with its most awaited smartphone of the time- iPhone 7. It quickly gained popularity for its distinct features such as dual lens, stereo speakers, stronger battery life and no slot for jack.
  1. Apple MacBook Pro-Touch Bar: This year, Apple also launched Touch Bar. Unlike others, it is a touch bar on keyboard. It’s a thin OLED display which is capable of replacing the function keys and can be used to control sound, brightness and media playback. It is also useful when it comes to shortcuts, sliders and other digital buttons.
  1. macOS Sierra: In August this year, Apple rolled out macOS Sierra- a new operating system for mac. This new OS brought in major updates such as Notification Center, Pictures in Picture, Mac to iOS Copy Paste, Storage Optimization, Memories, Siri on Mac and many more minor updates. You can read complete details of these here.
  1. Colibri- A Web Browser for Mac: Colibri isn’t something that Mac has designed or launched for users, rather it’s a web browser first ever brought on Mac. Colibri has been launched just a couple of days back. It’s a one-tab browser, designed for users who would like work on single tab only. Apart from this, it has many other features such as filters and grouping for links and cloud support to save stuff on Cloud. The browser will also be shortly available for Windows, iOS and Android platforms.


  1. Oculus Rift: Facebook took over Oculus, a virtual reality company back in 2014. At the time, the social media giant planned to take virtual reality at another level. Zuckerberg wanted to open up new opportunities with virtual reality. This time he said, “Virtual reality is the perfect platform to put people first”.
  1. 360-degree Camera: Panorama must be a familiar term to you. Facebook’s 360-degree camera is somewhat similar to this. You need to capture a picture using your phone’s camera in panaroma mode. After this, you can upload the picture on Facebook, where it’ll will automatically turn into an interactive photo. This feature was introduced by Facebook early this year.
  1. Windows HoloLens Houzz: Yes, we already have many HoloLens available out there. But this year, Windows HoloLens Houzz is a step ahead. This HoloLens will assist you for many things. Let me quote what Microsoft did on stage while launching HoloLens Houzz, “The demo showed off picking a chair off the website, and then pushing a 3D model into real life using Hololens. It lets you view furniture or decorations in your home before buying it, which could genuinely be useful if you’re trying to buy important things online.” (source).

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  1. Lenovo’s Foldable/Flexible Smartphone & Tablet: Early this year, Lenovo came up with its first ever bendable smartphone and tablet with the names CPlus and Folio respectively. But they were just a prototype, which precisely means you’ll have to wait for some more time for such devices to join the market. This we can call a super-tech-invention. You might have been dreaming of a phone that could be folded or could be wore on write, so here you go.
  1. Nintendo’s Pokemon Go: Pokemon Go could steal the show in one go. Yes, it’s an off for Pokemon Go now, but it managed to amass audience around. It has been the first augmented reality based game. Much isn’t need to explain this, but it was an unprecedented success and gave way for further development in the augmented reality.
  1. Snapchat’s Camcorder Goggles: You use snapchat, like to share pictures and have fun. But now you also have Camcorder Goggle, the first ever sunglasses by Snapchat. The glasses are designed to capture or record your real-time moment. So if you’re at a beach and wearing these spectacles, you can immediately record the scene without having to take out your smartphone or camera.
  1. Huawei’s Watch: You are known to Android Wear; you’d like this stuff. This is a smart watch by Huawei, especially for women. The smart watch is studded with 68 Swarovski zirconia crystals around its circular 42-mm body. The watch has an elegant look with smart processing.

These are 13 biggest launches by tech-giants. 2016 has been a year of expansion, with tech-giants expanding most of their technologies and bringing up new innovations. That been said, these will also help advance technology to new reaches.

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