2 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your iPhone’s Wi-Fi

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Just what fuel is to cars, Wi-Fi is to iPhones. Without a stable Wi-Fi connection our Smartphone just becomes one dull gadget. But with Wi-Fi, we can spend our entire day lazing around without getting bored.

Don’t know whether you have explored the Wi-Fi settings of your iOS device or not. But if you dig deeper in detail you will find a few simple tweaks that can enhance your experience of using internet on your device.

Let’s discuss each one of em in detail!

1. Turning OFF Public WiFi notifications

Yes, they’re quite annoying! We have been through this, so here is an instant fix. You can easily disable the public Wi-Fi notifications on your iOS device so that they don’t annoy you anymore.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Open Settings and head on to “Wi-Fi”.

turn off public wifi notification

  • Now on the next screen you’ll see an option “Ask to Join Networks”. Simply toggle it off if you don’t wish to receive public Wi-Fi notifications in future.

don't ask to join public wifi

And that’s it! Your iPhone will no longer annoy you with public Wi-Fi notifications. Now whenever you wish to connect to a network, head back to Wi-Fi settings and select the network’s name from the list.

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2. How to Deal with Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks

When you connect your iPhone to a public Wi-Fi spot, you might have noticed these words “Security Recommendation” underneath. This is a sign that you’re connected with either an unsecured network or one scrambled with weak WEP security.

deal with unsecure wifi

If you will tap on this Wi-Fi network’s name, you’ll get to see more information.

In most cases, your iPhone will reveal to you that the present system is an “Unsecured Network” or an “Open network”. These systems don’t require any passphrase to associate and therefore not secured with any encryption.

don't connect with unsecure wifi

You can easily figure out which systems are secured with encryption and which ones aren’t by taking a quick look of list of networks before you connect. Any network with a lock symbol beside it is encrypted and requires a passcode. On the other hand, any system without a lock symbol is open (or “unsecured”) and won’t require a passphrase.

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Open Networks expose all of your network traffic and are least secure. So next time, whenever you connect to a public Wifi network just make sure you check the lock symbol beforehand.

Here were the two tiny details about your iPhone’s Wi-Fi network. If you find it useful, feel free to drop us a comment!

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