15 Old World Things That Are On The Verge Of Extinction!

Technology is like flowing water which keeps on changing its course and yet is essential for survival of the living. With each progress, our life only becomes simpler. Technological advancements come in leaps and bounds, a new gadget doesn’t have to struggle to make its place and replace the old ones. Its nature’s law of balance or what we call as survival of the fittest.

In the 90’s it would have never crossed our mind that one day our pagers, photocopiers, Walkman’s and analogue cameras would be ousted from our lives. They are now like black and white photographs, only a part of our memories and sometimes, collection.

so, let’s take a nostalgic walk down memory lane and see if the things are still in use or are they now a history. Which modern gadget will replace our old buddies? For you we’ve tried to compile a list of some common gadgets that may soon be just a part of our memory.

1. Keys



Keys, are indeed an important part our lives. Who would have thought that a piece of brass, cut in a specific shape will be able to secure and protect our precious belongings one day? But soon they are going to be out.

Most of us have already started using access cards at our workplace and even to unlock vehicles. But this doesn’t mean keys have phased out completely. They are still used to unlock most of the homes and vehicles. But, soon our smartphones will take over their role. You just need to install an app and use it to lock and unlock doors at home, office and places you have access to.

2. The Clutch Pedal

Clutch Pedal

The manual clutch pedals which have always made our driving smooth will soon be replaced by automatic vehicles and auto shift gears. This will allow engines to run efficiently and economically.

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3. College Textbooks

College Textbooks

Physical books are no more in fashion in fact they are now slowly phasing out. No one prefers to carry books when they have them available on kindle, tablets and e books. Soon, interactive software’s will take over classroom learning, leaving textbooks far behind.

4. Mail Collection Box

Mail Collection Box

The age of handwritten letters is long gone. Do you even remember when, was the last time you attempted to write one? Since emails have changed the way people interact, write and send mails, Mail Boxes will soon just be a part of our memories or pictures.

5. Plastic Money

Plastic Money

Plastic money is gradually replacing actual currency, as there is less risk involved. But you can soon expect to bid goodbye to them as wearables and payment apps will take its place.

Credit cards are dematerializing into cryptocurrency and many companies are coming up with apps to make payments easier like Apple Pay, Apple Watch, Android Pay, Samsung Pay etc.

6. Remote Control

Remote Control

Remote controls will no longer be required to control devices. With the IOT devices, you can now control your electronic devices with motion sensors.

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7. Cordless Landline

Cordless Landline

Tiny microphones will take place of the cordless phones and will act as per our commands. The voice assistants will work as we instruct and make us talk to anyone.

8. Classic Analog Watches

Classic Analog Watches

Classic analog watches are no more in fashion and will soon be a part of our antique collection.  They will be replaced by multitasking smartwatches. There is a possibility that we may be the last ones to see and use analog watches.

9. Car Mirrors

Car Mirrors

Side mirrors of cars have play a critical role in driving, but these tiny mirrors will soon be replaced by camera-and-display setups. These camera systems have already become a standard in high-end cars.

Most of the high-end cars these days come with a closed-circuit television system fitted in them for the area surrounding your vehicle. These systems are undoubtedly advantageous and give more accurate details.

10. Cords and Chargers

Cords and Chargers

There was a time when we could not imagine any kind of connection without wires. Courtesy technological advancement, the cords which were once a part of our lives are slowly being replaced by Bluetooth, NFC, and Wi-Fi networking. Although many accessories around us still use them, but one day they will also face retirement.

11. Business Cards

Business cards

Business cards have been the most popular source of sharing contact numbers and details. However, there is no longer a need to hand each other little pieces of card at meetings, when we can exchange data wirelessly and without hassle.

12. Cheques


Using Cheques for money transfer seems to be an old way, online money transfer has come a long way and replaced check.
There will be a day soon when you may find children laughing at you when you use Cheques for money transfer.

13. Recipe Books

Recipe books

Be ready to say goodbye to your physical recipe books. They are soon going to be replaced by intelligent appliances who will know what food items can be cooked and what is in the fridge. Video panels embedded within the work surfaces will guide you through every stage of the cooking process.

14. All Forms Of Data Storage Media

Data Storage Media

Over the years we have had different storage devices. Most of them are not seen now, such as floppy disks (including 8-inch, 5 1/4-inch, and 3 1/2-inch), zip disks, and jaz disks.

With the cloud storage media becoming a popular choice, the flash drive market is drying up. Companies like Google, Apple, and Dropbox have made storage easy and secure. Without having to carry these heavy storage devices, you can now access all your files directly from anywhere, anytime.

15. Passwords


Not only gadgets but passwords are also on their way out. Forget the hassle of remembering those complicated passwords and make way for fingerprint scanners, retina scanners and other biometric sensors.  These sensors will enable you to sign into your phone securely, without the use of a passcode or a password. This will be a more secure and time saving method as opposed to the older way of entering passwords.

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Evolution is the only constant in the world of technology. We will soon forget the last time we purchased software on a disc, bought a CD in a store, sent a fax to a co-worker, or even asked for driving directions. The things you never assumed would leave, are on the verge of being extinct. Of course, we still see and use many of these things, but who knows when they retire and the new replaces them. So, let us cherish using these things while they are around but also start getting used to the new.

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