15 Lesser Known Facts About Android Phones

Mobile phones gained its popularity almost a decade back. It was with the advent of cellular phones when peeps adapted the new technology. However, there has been some real big contributors for bringing the age of wireless communication. Further, Android has been one of those contributors, or rather we say it was the chief contributor.

Android has paved the way for a better wireless communication, given as style, utility, and continence altogether. Today when we look out for smartphones, Android comes up as a preference for many. Perhaps, all this while Android has grown exponentially and there are numerous hidden facts about it. Let’s dig down and explore some amazing hidden facts about Android.

  1. Android word means a human with robotic appearance. It refers to a male robot, while female robot is called Gynoid.
  2. Android’s co-creator was also named after Android by Apple, where he worked before joining Google. He was given the name Andy Rubin and had an obsession for robots.
  3. Android system was first developed in 2004 by Android Inc. and was later taken over by Google in 2005 for $50 million.
  4. Before Android became a hit, it was about close-down. The company found it difficult to keep floating, however, later Steve Perlman funded the company and thankfully we have one of the most innovative technologies with us.
  5. Initially, it was developed as a digital camera platform. However, upon seeing its potential on its launch makers changed its niche to smartphone.
  6. The first ever Android operating system was launched on November 5, 2007 and its was a Linux based software system.
  7. The first ever Android phones was launched in the year 2008 and they were HTC Dream and T_Mobile G1.
  8. Today over a billion Android smartphone and tablets have active Android system. In addition, Android makes up as the biggest market in smartphones.
  9. Android has the biggest number of versions, counting in total to 14. The latest one is Android 7 or Android Nougat.
  10. Amongst the 14 Android, all are named after sweets except Android 1.0 and 1.1. They were Android Astro and Android Bender.
  11. The latest technology in Android is the flexible or foldable phone. The first ever foldable phones are launched by Samsung and LG, which are yet to be released.
  12. Android is the only open source smartphones. Open source precisely means, you can customize its ROM and change a lot of things without any hassle. When it comes to installing apps, you install apps from Play Store as well as from anywhere else.
  13. A British firm has launched a Nexus one into space in order to observe how consumer electronics work in space.
  14. Android phones are featured with developer options, which gives added options to advanced users.
  15. Google aims to become the mobile advertising king through Android device. Google makes big revenue from advertising and this will pay off in the big way with the users from PCs to smartphones and tablets.

These were 15 lesser known facts about Android. Along with this, Android devices also offer great convenience. You can undertake several amazing tasks using your Android. Here is list of exciting Android hacks for you!

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