14 Best Mac Keyboard Shortcuts To Speed Up Things

Macs are designed to speed up things for computer users. But seldom people know its true power and complaint about its complexity when it comes to different processes.

We have listed down 14 Mac shortcuts you will wish you knew before once you read this article. Indeed, you will be amazed how swiftly these Mac keyboard shortcuts can execute complex processes in snap time. Ready to enhance your productivity with these shortcuts? Continue reading.

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Top Mac Keyboard Shortcuts To Boost Productivity: –

1. Cmd+Opt+Power Button OR Cmd+Opt+ Media Eject – Go to sleep Mac

Have you found yourself in a hurry and need to put your computer to sleep quickly. This is your shortcut. With this Mac shortcut you can put your computer to sleep instantly, with no warning/dialog box. Now if only your body would work this way, lol.

2. Cmd+Ctrl+Opt+ Media Eject – Shut it down, NOW

Not really a “put my Mac to sleep” kind of guy or gal, wonderful…there is still a great shortcut for you. Use Cmd+Ctrl+Opt+ Media Eject to shut your Mac down instantly. Again, this Mac keyboard shortcut does not give any dialog box or warning.

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3. F11 – Find your Desktop

You have so many applications open on your Mac and you couldn’t find the desktop if you wanted to. This is not a problem for your Mac, simply press F11 and your desktop will magically appear (not really magically, but you get my drift). Go ahead, try it!

4. F9 – Expose

Do you find yourself minimizing and maximizing your windows to see them all? Why when you have Expose? Simply press F9 anytime you want to see all the windows you have open, trust me, it’s much quicker.

5. Cmd+Opt+H – Minimize Windows

Speaking of minimizing your windows, with one Mac shortcut you can minimize all of your windows (except the active window) at one time. Simply use Cmd+Opt+H and your windows are minimized.

6. Ctrl+Shift+ Media Eject – Display Off

So, want to save a little battery power on your notebook or just little energy on your desktop… use Ctrl+Shift+Eject. This will instantly turn off your display. Go ahead, test it out.

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7. Cmd+Shift+Del – Empty Trash

Have you just deleted tons of files? Delete them all with one touch using Cmd+Shift+Del.

8. Cmd + Y or Spacebar – Quicklook

Need more info about a file or need to add a photo quickly into iPhone use Cmd + Y or the spacebar over a file in Finder.

9. Cmd + Tab – Open Apps

Have multiple open apps, need to access another app quickly. Use ‘Cmd+Tab’ Mac shortcut to cycle through your applications.

10. Esc – Cancel that drag and drop

So didn’t mean to drag your important report into the trash, don’t worry about it, cancel it before you drop it in there. Simply press “Esc” before you complete the drag and drop and now you don’t have to make a special phone call to your boss or teacher.

11. Cmd+Ctrl+ Media Eject

It quits all applications and then reboots your Mac. In case, you’ve forgot to save any document, you’ll receive a pop-up asking you to save them.

12. Want to Log out? Press “Shift+Cmd+Q”

Shift+Cmd+Q quickly logs you out of your Mac user account. It will give a ask you whether you want to log out or not. To log out directly, press “Option+Cmd+Shift+Q”.

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13. Cmd+ Control+Power Button

If you want to force reboot macOS, press “Cmd+ Control+Power Button”. It will not ask you to save any unsaved document.

14. Control+Power button* or Control+Media Eject

It will display a dialog box that asks whether to sleep, restart or shut down.

These are some Mac keyboard shortcuts that can really help you cut short steps and simplify processes on your Mac computer. We hope that you will use these commands to get the best out of your Mac. Connect with us for more articles like this by subscribing to our newsletter.

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