13 Top Gmail Extensions to Increase your Efficiency

Gmail is a leader when talking about email providers, It has over one billion active users worldwide and the number keeps on growing. With this we can say that emails are far from being outdated for both professionals and individuals simply due to its sheer ease of use and convenience. However, to use it for long we need to keep the inbox organized. If we fail to do so, finding an email cloud look like searching for a needle in haystack. For this out we can use Gmail extensions, offered by Gmail and third-party developers to increase our work efficiency. Using these extensions is optional but if you are one of those who want to add the new features and improve your productivity.

Today, in this article we are sharing with you some great Gmail extensions that will not only help you improve productivity but will also make life easier. Using them you can organize your emails, task, follow up on emails and track them even when offline.

  • Google Keep

google keep

It is always a great idea to keep a note taking tool handy. With Google Keep this can be easily achieved, using it you can add notes, speak a voice memo and have it automatically transcribed on the go, share ideas with friends and family, capture what’s on your mind and can sieve through a list of all that you need to do quickly and easily.

Google Keep lets you keep notes organized, save pages images and text from the context menu. A complete note recorded for all that is important available everywhere wherever you go.

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  • Bananatag

bananatag email

Easily track and schedule your emails, create templates from your Gmail and track files with Bananatag extension. Get notified when recipient opens your mail or clicks on the link sent in the email. This will help you to be more productive as you will be informed when a potential customer has opened the mail and how many people are interested in buying or even checking out your products. Thus, saving your time and efforts.

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  • Send from Gmail

send from gmail

Another productivity increasing extension from Google that will make Gmail your default email application. It will add a button to your browser using which you can directly compose your Gmail message without opening another window and can share a link via email.

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  • Gmail Snooze

gmail snooze

Gmail Snooze allows you to snooze messages right from your Google mail. You need to simply assign a label for snoozed email, once it expires the message will be visible in your inbox. No need to download or use any extensions, as it works in the cloud.

  • SecureGmail

secure mail

Most of us aren’t aware of how much information we pass on to the hackers and let them take advantage of it. This attitude of ours make us a victim but if you want to put a stop to it then SecureGmail is an excellent nifty tool. Using it you can send encrypted emails from your Gmail. This protects your from being a victim of data breach as only the intended recipient will be able to read it no one else would be able to interpret it during transmission.

  • Ginger


Ever found yourself in an embarrassing situation where you sent a grammatically incorrect email or with spelling mistake to your senior? If yes, Ginger is a must-have tool for you. Using it you can correct all types of grammatical mistakes including punctuations, sentence structure and style. Plus, you can improve your writing style and can boost productivity. As it helps you translate the text in 50 languages and rephrase sentences.

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  • Wordzen for Gmail


Get professionally written mails and impress your seniors. Wordzen writes emails for you. Once you add the extension a small button will appear next to your Gmail send button click on it and convert your shorthand notes into professional emails, make professional emails from your voice notes, get your mails proofread in 10 minutes and toggle back and forth to see the changes.

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  • Followup.cc. 


Managing emails seems to be a tedious task, if yes use Followup.cc extension. It lets you organize your professional life. You can set follow up reminders, track emails, schedule mails to be sent at a specified time, can follow-up with your main contacts, and see when your emails are read.

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  • Momentum


Bored of seeing the usual browser tab want to make it interesting use Momentum and add bunch of useful widgets and revamp your new tab. Get inspirational photos and quote, set a daily focus and track your to -dos.

Focus more on work by setting reminder and look at your daily goal each time you open a new tab.

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  • Highspot


Improve your sales performance by sharing content link and tracking the user engagement from within Gmail. Make most out of customer conversation, quickly find and share your best sales content, receive notification when receiver opens and views emails and track user engagement time.

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  • Consensus


Accelerate your sales, send an interactive and personalized demo according to customer interested and track it.

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  • Clearbit


Search for employee’s email address for any company and display related data to anyone who sends emails to you. This extension stays inside Gmail’s sidebar and displays information about the sender and allows to find their email address without leaving the mailbox.

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  • Gmail Offline

gmail offline

It is a tool provided by Gmail and is one the best extension that won’t let you miss your Gmail even when there is no internet connection. Once you have this extension you can do everything from reading an email to replying it and even searching your message history. The only thing that you won’t be able to do is to receive new emails. The replied will be saved in drafts and the moment you connect to internet they will be sent. Meaning, you don’t have to waste time waiting for internet connectivity. You can perform all tasks and they will be synced once you go online.

Hope you find this list interesting and useful. Using them you can now save time and spend more time in doing the things that were left earlier as you were busy managing, sending and reading emails. Most of them are free and worth giving a try.

They will help your streamline your work and make you focus more on enhancing your skills and to be productive.


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