11th Campus Party in Brazil: All Set to Leave a Mark in History

While you read this, various businessmen, developers, gamers, innovators and many others are enjoying the time of their life at the Campus Party.  For those who do not know, Campus Party is a week-long technology festival initiated by a Spanish organisation and has now become one of the most prestigious tech event in Brazil. So, without wasting any time, let’s check out more details about this amazing event!

What Is This All About?

Campus Party is the largest International Event that intends to make a global community by gathering together visionary people, close-knit communities, students, professionals, etc., who strive to find something new to improve lives of the common folks, and wish to dive in pool of innovation & creativity.

Campus Party is an ultimate destination for those who seek fun. Here, you get to know all you through the conferences conducted and led by the field experts. It can be defined as a place where thousands of people gather so that they can learn, work, have fun, get inspired, and party like animals as the music, games and entertainment never turns off. It’s also a huge exhibition of upcoming games and other innovative technologies.

Unique Environment of Campus Parties

brazil campus party

Source: campus-party.org

The entire area is divided into three: Arena, Experience, and Village. In Arena, individuals can meet and share their ideas, interests, learn together, inspire each other, and what not! It is a specially designed place to conduct meetings 24*7, carry out special activities, and a place to get immersed in workshops and challenges.

Experience is the one-stop destination for the start-ups, simulators, gamers, robots, etc. Here, the people are free to interact with upcoming technologies so that they too can experience the latest technologies and upcoming applications.

Village is designed so that the participants can rest so that they are charged enough for the events of the next day. It is also termed as the “world’s biggest campsite for geeks” that hosts bright and innovative minds from across the globe.

Who Are Campuseros?

Individuals who know the strength of their ideas, look forward to waking up the world, and the dreamers are called Campuseros at Campus Party. If you are one who wakes up in the middle of the night to right down an idea, or who is innovative enough to make a light lamp without any source of light, or the one who dreams about going to Mars or thinks of flying drones while stuck in traffic, then congratulations! You already have what it takes to be a campusero!

Former Campuseros have conveyed that you get to embrace extraordinary opportunities, improve your competencies, broaden your horizon, find your dream job, and what not because at Campus Party you get a lot of opportunities to learn new things, network Internationally, and be a part of the geek movement that will lead to better lifestyle.

Who Are the Key Players of This Event?

If you think that only young geeky students are attending this event, then you are mistaken for sure. This event brings talented individuals together despite their background or age. The idea behind organising such a huge event is simple, they just want to connect people who can come together as a team to develop an unexpected future through existing and new technologies.

Moreover, the government and private organisations, media partners, universities, various communities, and Campuseros from all over the world are participating in this grand event. A few names that are linked with this are, Steve Wozniac (Apple Co-founder), Tim Berners-Lee (Inventor of World Wide Web), AL Gore (Former U.S Vice President), Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut), and many others.

What They Are Looking Forward to?

If something is new and has potential to transform something, then it is at Campus Party! Be it Blockchain, 3D printing, Software Development, Crowdfunding, Monetization Strategies, Robotics, Chemistry, AR & VR, IoT, Cyborgs, and many others. Being the largest concentration of innovators per square foot, we hope that there are some non-interrupted dialogues so that there are the best opportunities for the talents, which will give a channel to the organisations and communities to find experienced and novice experts.

What Can We Expect from This Event?

We believe that the hackathons, CPHack, call for ideas, and other interactive activities will bring the best of the Campuseros. New technologies, applications, and many other innovations mark their origin here and expand horizons for others to use and research on the same.

We hope this event is a mega hit and the Campuseros get the most from this event and the Internet speed of 40 GBps. The next event will be help in Argentina from 25th to 28th April 2018. To know more you can visit: argentina.campus-party.org

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