11 Lesser Known Google URL That Everyone Should Know

Google is everyone’s preferred search engine. However, instead of sticking to one specific service, Google did the smart thing. They diversified and have multiple soft and hard (such as Google Glass) products.

Google’s soft services such as cloud storage, mailing client, browser, etc. are widely used and trusted. But there are a lot more such utilities that are not well-known but makes life easier nonetheless. In this article, we will tell you about 11 such features or URLs of Google which are hardly known but are very useful.

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1. Get Alerts on your Area of Interest:

On this URL Google allows you to choose your areas of interests for which you can get alerts on your email. First of all, you need to go to the URL:


Here you will see alert suggestions sorted by categories. You can choose any of them as per your choice. You will get an email with URL once there is an updated on the selected topic.

Get alerts on your area of interest

2. Google Translate:

You might have used Google translator to translate something to your native language, but do you know Google Translator can translate entire website or a document to the language you want. You can simply copy and paste the URL which need to be translated and it will give you the URL to the translated website. If you want to translate a document, then you can simply choose a file by clicking translate a document given below the text box.

Google translate

3. You can use Google services without a Gmail account.

Yes, you do not need to have an account @ gmail.com to use Google services such as Gmail, Play Store, YouTube, G Drive etc. From your existing email, you can create a Google account by signing up on the given URL.


4. Google Keep

In our daily life, we need to keep so many things on the go so Google Keep works as the best organizer on your smartphone. You can keep notes music, voice memo and list saved in this. The application also has a web version but you can use it better if you use it on your smartphone. You can capture your thoughts in any format. As a voice list or on paper and the app will organize them. You can also set location based reminders from the app.

Google Keep


5. Download all the Data on your Account

Keeping your data on the cloud storage is safe and secure. However, at any point if you realize that you should keep your data on your drive then you can download all the data on your Google drive, Google photos, calendar etc. from the given URL.


Download all the data on your account

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6. Check Applications Connected to your Account:

Google allows you to check the applications connected to your account. On the given link, you can check which all applications you have allowed to access your Google account.


Check applications connected to your account

7. Google can tell you your password if you do not remember it:

If you are signing in on a new computer and have forgotten your password because it was saved on the computer back home, then you should try the following URL.


Here you need to sign in with your Google account and you can view your saved passwords by clicking on the eye icon.

Saved password


8. Control what you see:

Some ad content may distract you or your kids if they use the same computer. You can simply add what you like and what you do not like, your age and your gender from the following URL.


Here you will find some default preferences based on your search history but you can always change them.

control google ads

9. See what devices you have used recently:

For security reasons, you should know from which devices you are logged in or if your account was accessed in the last 28 days . For each device, you will see an activity log, with time and location when devices are logged in.


devices you have used recently

10. Youtube or Browsing History:

Google stores history about your browsing and searches this history can be viewed and Cleared by going to the URL.


Youtube or browsing history

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11. Finding and clearing location history:

This feature is mostly useful on smartphones because on laptops and computers we do not have a location system. This feature not only helps you to view and clear location history it also suggests you better ways to commute the places you often visit. Once you enable this feature it starts saving location data for every device which is logged in with the same email. This helps you to see the devices you are logged in on the map.


Hope in this article you have found that there are lots of thing which were new to you. So now you have these 11 tips to make your life simpler using technology.

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