100 Hidden iOS 11 Features You Would Want To Know: Part VI

Here we are with our our 6th post highlighting iOS 11’s hidden features and updates. Apple has surely added some useful key enhancements that can make our everyday life easier. We really can’t wait till the fall. Can you?

Here are a few more iOS 11 hidden features that’ll change your iPhone! Let’s take a look…

  1. FLAC Audio Format Now Supported on iOS 11

This was one of the random discoveries made by researchers. They confirmed it by placing a FLAC format file on iCloud drive and when they tested it, the file played successfully without any hindrance.

  1. New Type to Siri Option

siri new opnion

A good news for Apple users, especially for those who’re not much chatty by nature. In iOS 11 you don’t have to be jabbering all the time with Siri. Simply type in a question and tap on “Done” and wait until Siri responds to your request.

  1. New Siri Icon when Dormant

siri icon dormant

Apple quietly revamped the Siri icon and made it more lively and appealing. In iOS 11 you’ll see a different icon for Siri while she’s not on duty. Isn’t it cool?

  1. Siri Can now Laugh Too!

The only thing at which digital assistants suck is expressing emotions. Well, not anymore! Siri can now express emotions and literally laugh out loud while reading your messages. Apple just added a pinch of personal touch, right?

  1. Siri has got more Smarter…

siri smarter

Seems like Siri has apparently got more smarter while replying to your questions. It will no longer annoy you by Boring one liners and will surprise you with smart answers instead.

  1. Changes to Siri are now Synced via iCloud

siri and icloud

iOS 11 rolls out a very cool change in Siri settings. Now if you make any changes, say you just changed Siri voice from American female to male then all the respective changes will be updated across all your iOS devices which you use with the same account.

  1. New Airpods icon When on Call

airpods icon on call

iOS 11’s brings in another remarkable change in the call interface. So, now when you’ll be on call with your Airpods on you’ll get to see a tiny Airpods icon on the screen.

  1. New Interface When Deleting Passes

deleting passes

Now removing passes in your iOS wallet just got easier! iOS 11’s new interface allows you to quickly delete your existing passes in just one tap.

  1. Set Timers to Precise Seconds

timer to siri

iOS 11 now allows you to set timer values to precise seconds instead of just hours and minutes.

  1. Calculator gets an Upgrade

 ugraded calculator

Yes, the calculator gets an upgrade too! The icon has been revamped, and the interface too looks bold, clean and tidy. The numeric buttons now comes in clear circle boundary rather than squares. This kinda reminds us about the iOS 1 days? Isn’t it?

So folks here were a few more iOS tidbits! Stay tuned for our next post or simply subscribe to our blog to get regular updates about more iOS 11 features.

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