100 Hidden iOS 11 Features You Would Want To Know: Part II

Continuing from our previous post, here are the next 10 iOS updates for you.

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  1. VPN icon has been changed

VPN change

iOS 11 provides a cleaner and more visible VPN icon on the home screen.

  1. New Vibration When Plugging to Charge

As soon as you’ll plug in the charging cable in your iOS device you’ll experience a new kinda buzz which feels totally different. Earlier the charging was implicated with tow simultaneous vibrate buzzes, but this is a must to experience.

  1. Revamped Control Center

control center

Love it or hate it but Apple’s Control Center has taken a drastic overhaul in terms and design. This is one of the huge advancement that comes along with iOS 11. You’ll have a bunch of new toggles to choose from and arrange them in any order on the screen how you want to.

  1. Native Screen Recording via Control Center

screen record

Out of the various toggles, Native Screen Recording option is the one that stands out in particular. Just tapping on that button enables an instant screen recording, which’ll further be saved in your photo library.

  1. Full Apple TV Remote

apple tv remote

There’s also a full apple TV remote shortcut whose 3D access allows you to access Apple TV via Control center. For the first time, there’s access to a one-tap Low Power Mode setting, and an Apple TV setting brings up a full Apple TV remote that doesn’t require an app.

  1. 3D Touch Flashlight Icon

3d touch icon

This is another useful tweak implemented by Apple. Earlier 3D touch flashlight used to offer three different brightness level. But now it can be adjusted with a single tap on your finger by just sliding it up or down.

  1. New Animation when Opening and Closing Apps

iOS 11 offers a different animation effect while opening or closing any application. Now it provides a bit cinematic feel, although a bit slower than before.

  1. App Switcher Animation Changed


The app switcher animation has also been overhauled in a much more modern and stylish look and feel that slides in from the right!

  1. 3D Touch Edge Feature Removed

Well, this might be a bit saddening for many users as the edge 3D touch feature has been removed from the iOS 11. Previously we could this feature for switching between apps but it is now no longer available for whatever reason.

10. View Notifications while Hearing Music

iOS 11’s new quick access music feature will now allow you to view all your notifications without blocking the entire display. You can easily sift through the notifications Even when you have a locked screen.

Hope you liked our post! Stay in touch for more such updates…

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Get the whole iOS 11 series directly to your inbox!

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