10 New Features in iOS 10 That You May Not Know

Apple has been a top player in the high-end smartphone market. However, it has never compromised with users’ needs in order to remain stylized. With its consecutive launches of iPhone 7 & 7 Plus and then iOS 10, it created a storm amongst users.

People couldn’t wait to get the new update for their old OS or to get the new iGadget. Whichever the case was, they got iOS 10 in their pockets.

iOS 10’s prelaunch rumors built up a lot of expectations and upon its launch, it delivered more than it promised. However, many users aren’t yet apprised of the amazing features packed up in iOS 10. So let’s take you on a tour of your iOS 10 and discover its 10 amazing features that you might have missed at first glance.

  1. iMessage Update: You might have noticed some changes in your iMessage interface. With this UI change, Apple has attached certain effects, emojis and attachment updates that will give you an all new messaging experience. iOS 10 has got texting effects that ensures your messages aren’t dull. You can send your messages in Bubble effect and Screen effect. The former adds a bit of personality and emotion to your messages (which makes them appear different than the traditional one to the recipient) while the latter changes the background screen with animation and sound effect. Apart from this emojis are also attached to iMessage and you can now also attach apps in your iMessage conversation via Safari.


  1. Siri Just Got Better: Almost everyone fell in love with Siri as soon as this AI was integrated with Apple devices. With iOS 10, Siri has got even better. It now works with other apps installed on your device. Say Vemo or may WhatsApp! So now you can ask Siri to WhatsApp your friend that you’re on your way and to reach to the party venue.


  1. Smart Search: You might have found it easy to ask Siri to find a doc that you have lost somewhere in your piled up data. This has been great and is still there. Alternatively, you can use phone search to find those ‘somewhere-lost-files’ on your device.


  1. Email Filtering: Mailbox clutters difficult to get rid of. iOS 10 update has a solution for this. You can filter your mailbox with flagged, unread, messages sent directly to you, mails with attachments or any message from your VIP list. These can be set up via a filter button on top-left corner of the mailbox.
  1. 3D Touch: Anyone with iPhone 6S or 7 are most likely to enjoy 3D Touch. You can push down the screen and pull up more menus for some features/apps on your iPhone. This can be used with flashlight app, timer icon and prioritizing download.



  1. Prioritize Downloads: Apple has got a hack for you when you are dying to download something before any other. You can prioritize downloads when there are multiple downloads streaming on your device. Simply 3D touch on apps and shift up the update you want, to the front of the queue.


  1. Multilingual Typing: If the user you are talking with is aquatinted to some other language, worry not. iOS 10 has got a multilingual keyboard for you. Unlike before, when you had to manually switch keyboards and for iPhone predict to suggest appropriate words, you can now type in any language supported by the new iOS version. Initially, it works with any pair of English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.


  1. Bedtime Assistance: iOS 10 seems to be with you everywhere, even in your sleep. Quite literary! It has got an update- Bedtime, to ensure proper sleep for you. Bedtime will take note of your sleeping time, wake up time (with sounds) and keep a track of your sleep data by syncing up with third party sleep trackers and the Apple Health app.


  1. Spilt View in Safari: Safari browsing has been upgraded with split view in iOS 10. If you’re using Safari on iPad, you can opt for Split View. Tap and hold on the screen and select ‘Open in Split View’ from the menu. Both webpages will work side-by-side, without getting hampered from each other.
  1. Share your Notes: Until now, you must have been creating notes yourself. For all those instances when you are to share the info contained in with someone, you had to undertake the trouble of copying and pasting it elsewhere. But this isn’t the case anymore. You can share your note with anyone. Your notepad now has got a new share icon, which helps you give access of your notes to other people. You can also send links to invite and share notes with people via emails.


What do you think of these 10 new iOS 10 features that are capable of transforming your iPhone experience? Apart from these, the new iOS version will also let you type or draw on your photos, making your photo album look more like your Snapchat account.

iOS 10 is prodigious enough to explore and learn other features that have still remain hidden to you. Let us know what feature do you like the most in the comments section below.

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