10 Most Innovative Gadgets at CES 2018

Are you excited about the much-awaited Consumer Electronics Show 2018? Well! if you are a tech geek like us, then you will understand how excited and eager we are about CES 2018! With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning being the most popular buzzwords, we are already impatient to know about the big announcements that the brands have to make! Of course there have been some rumors and hint dropping already, so while the event begins tomorrow let’s take a sneak peek into the 10 most innovative gadgets you can expect to see there.

  1. Buddy


Buddy is a personal robot with big eyes. Loaded with a lot of capabilities this robot makes a perfect home assistant. It can take very good care of you and your family. Buddy can play with your kids, it can answer calls for you; can assist you on your household work, turn on lights when you wake up and is also keen to perform many other tasks to make your life simpler.

  1. AR4X camera:

a4rx camera

Next is a security camera which recognizes faces. It is a complete security system which opens the door only for the faces it organizes. Best thing you will like about this gadget is that it will send you an alert if any stranger will try to approach your home.  So, if you stay away from you home for most of the time, AR4X will be the best guard.

  1. Olie from InstruMMents

Olie from InstruMMents

You may also see an intelligent light for your home. It is actually a lamp with wireless charging dock and the light at the head of this lamp responds to command via Google Assistant and Alexa. These lamps are desk, bedside and floor lamps. You will find some more innovative features in this lamp.

  1. Mars


Image source: Digital trends

A headphone which looks like Google Pixel buds but the innovation is that it can instantly translate languages to your native language. Whatever is being playing or being said by someone you will listen to it in the language you understand. These buds are perfect to fit your ears. The price may be around $400 which may look expensive but let us wait for the company to reveal the cards of its features.

  1. Nuviz


If you are a biker then you will get something amazing for you in CES 2018. A head up display designed for bikers which shows them basic information without getting distracted from road. You will see navigation, music, speed, weather etc. yet keeping your eyes on the road. The system is perfect for those who love to ride long on bikes.

  1. Aipoly

Something which is not really a gadget but is developed to make shopping easier for you. It is actually a mobile app which helps you to enable checkout less shopping. In early 2017 Amazon set up a store in Seattle with the similar concept. With Aipoly scan the things you are picking using your Smartphone at the mart and a bill will be generated for you!

  1. Smart bicycle by HiRide Suspensions

smart bycycle

Image source: BBC.Com

If cycling is your passion then you will glad to see a Bicycle loaded with AI HiRide Suspensions which learn to deliver smoother every time you use it. The bicycle will learn with the intensity or frequency of paddling it. But does this mean a bicycle with AI will deal with the same bump in the same way? Well to find the answers we shall have to wait for CES!

  1. ICI Vision

ICI vision

Image source: BBC.Com

Health has always been an important aspect when it comes to tech and in CES year you can expect to see a pair of prototype glasses which are designed to deal with blind spots caused by retinal diseases. It is a combination of nano cameras with eye tracking software which divert the vision to the healthy part of retina.

  1. Eye mask Which Reacts on Snoring by VVFLY ELECTRONICS

eye mask

Image source: BBC.Com

Sound sleep is important to everyone. We can easily find a Fitbit or a device which can capture the sleep data but it is hard to find a device which can alert us when we are snoring at night. So here is an eye mask which can collect slip data and vibrates when at different level with the intensity of snoring. Really sounds like perfect solution for sound sleep for you and your dear ones.

  1. Thunder Tiger’s Sirius CX-180


Image source: BBC.Com

Drones have been found to be successful in the areas of defense, photography and many other situations. Sirus from Thunder Tiger is drone that will be used to rescue mountaineers in the dark it is safer than sending rescue helicopters. It is loaded with powerful LED lamps which will help in accomplishing missions at night.

So these were 10 most gadgets which you can expect to see in CES. Technology torches every aspect of our life so let’s move to Las Vegas to find out where tech is going to take us this year!

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