10 Lesser Known iOS 12 Features We’ll Soon See on Our Devices

WWDC 2018 is one of the most popular tech events being held in San Jose, California and iOS 12 has managed to steal the show. Yes, iOS 12 happens to be one of Apple’s biggest announcements and it’ll be hitting on our devices very soon.

iOS 12 promises to offer some unique features which include the all new Memoji, a few universal apps for MacOS and iOS, group calling feature for Facetime and many more.

So, here’s what you all can possibly expect from iOS 12, right? Well, it doesn’t just end right here. There are a bunch of lesser known iOS 12 features too which Apple didn’t mention on WWDC Keynote presentation. Let’s catch a glimpse of a few more iOS 12 highlights which we’ll be soon seeing on our devices!

Best iOS 12 Features

1. Extended Animoji Limit

Extended Animoji Limit

The Animoji limit will now be extended to 30 seconds as it was previously only 10 seconds. So, now you could jam up your Animoji sessions and talk to them for a longer duration. Well, apart from this Apple iOS 12 will also support tongue detection for Animojis (Yeah, that’s a thing).

2. Redesigned Notification Alerts

Apple surely mentioned about the revamped notification alerts onstage but what they missed on telling was Critical Alerts. Critical Alerts just how the name says are some important notifications which you can opt for say like whether it’s about collecting reports from your doctor, to pick your kid from school and so on. So, even if Do Not Disturb mode is enabled on your device, you’ll still catch hold of these critical notification alerts.

3. Raw Photo Import

The Raw photo format was added on iOS 10 previously, but now with iOS 12 you will be able to import raw photos from your PC or camera. Apple has also assured that the whole process of importing images from desktop will now be simplified.

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4. iPad Gestures

iPad Gestures

iOS 12 promises to offer better gestures for your iPhone and iPad. Like you can now easily access Control center by swiping down from the top right corner, or access home screen by tapping anywhere on the app dock window.

5. Better Portrait Lighting

The portrait mode on iPhone X is receiving some major updates too. With iOS 12 it will be way more better than before as the camera will intelligently separate the object from the rest of the background screen making your portraits look more lively and stunning.

6. Enhanced QR Code Reader

Enhanced QR Code Reader

Another significant iOS 12 features include an enhanced full featured QR code reader. Unlike the previous versions of iOS where you just received a banner notification when we pointed our camera to the QR code. With iOS 12, the camera will automatically highlight the QR code to let you know that its detected.

7. Better Suggestions from Siri

Siri in iOS 12 will offer you better suggestions learning from your daily routine and the way how you use your device. Say, it will bump you a suggestion to order a coffee while you’re on your way to work. Apple has also announced that Siri will also help you to search passwords on iOS 12.

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8. Security Code Autofill

Security Code Autofill

Thank you, Apple, for finally rolling out this feature on iOS 12! Now you won’t have to manually enter those security codes on apps as iOS will do it for you!

9. Password Sharing

With the upcoming Apple’s latest iOS update you will now be able to easily share passwords between other Apple devices.

10. Battery Information

The battery usage information on iOS 12 will be much more detailed and organized. You’ll be able to view a detailed battery usage for individual apps as well via Settings.

So, fellas, here were a few of lesser known iOS 12 features which were not mentioned by Apple onstage. Aren’t these features surely worth the wait? Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.

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