10 Lesser Known facts about Apple

Apple has invariably managed to grab our attention with its gadgets. Yet the tech giant has several secrets that are bizarre, funny, and at times quite unexpected. While we admire from a distance, the brand’s indulgence in developing high-end devices, the stories I am sharing are the stuff of legend.

Without further ado, here I go…

  1. The first and the original logo of Apple featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, with an apple about to hit his head. This instance gave birth to the concept of gravity, which for Apple probably would have been an action point to create new concepts through their technological know-how. This logo was designed by the lesser-known Apple founder Ronald Wayne, who later opted out from the company by selling his stake to Jobs.
  2. You must not smoke before Apple Computers. It invalidates its warranty and you’ll end up becoming solely responsible for your Apple computer, in case anything happens to it!
  3. The name Macintosh was inspired and named after an apple variety. An Apple employee- Jef Raskin, named the computer with his favorite apple vareity, while Steve Jobs wanted to name it as Bicycle.
  4. The first ever iPod had a secret game. For it to become active, you’ll have to hold the menu button for about three seconds and you’ll get a Breakout (Pong) game that you can play while you are listening to your music.
  5. Apple gadgets such as iPhone ads and iPhone and Mac imagery have time and again featured John Appleseed. Above all, he has been a mystery all this while. Originally, John Appleseed was an 18th century American pioneer, missionary, and gardener, who had a penchant for apples. In addition, John Appleseed may also have a reference with Apple investor and former CEO Mike Markkula who used this name as his pen-name while writing programs for the Apple II.
  6. Apple creates fake projects for their senior and new employees. The company makes the concerned employees work on it diligently and if any of these projects are ever leaked, they figure out the source and immediately fire them. Apple Inc. doesn’t trust anyone.
  7. In 1997, Bill Gates and Microsoft helped Apple come out of bankruptcy. They invested $150 million for which Gates developed and shipped versions of Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and other tools for Macintosh. Around this time, over 8 million Apple users bought Microsoft, which helped both the companies raise good funds.
  8. Apple has twice as much operating cash than US treasury and to our surprise, Microsoft also counts in this list.
  9. Apple iPhone always feature 9:41 A.M. This was the time when Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone.
  10. Apple believes in strong security, be its computers, phones or their development. The company has a team of carpenters ready to build walls around employees’ desks. Walls are quickly erected with security doors and transparent windows are frosted. The employee carries on as before in a secure enclosure.

These are the 10 lesser known facts about Apple Inc. While the tech-giant is constantly working on amazing products, it is also building up more stories like this. Certainly, intriguing audiences worldwide and making them switch to their gadgets while giving a sneak peak about the hidden facts!

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