10 iMessage Tips to Make Texting Way More Fun Than Ever!

No matter how sluggish we be all day long, but when it comes to texting we turn into Ninjas. And moving our fingers on keypad at a lightning speed becomes our superpower. Text messaging is fun! It lets us connect with our friends even at awkward surroundings. We all have hit the pro level of “Under the table texting” where we can text nonstop without even looking at the phone screen. Yes, we’re that perfect!

But there’s always something new to know? And that we might know something too?

imessage tips

Before you end up making a “Joey-face” we would like to tell you that iMessage can make your texting much more exciting. The first and foremost reason for this is that iMessage works around the world for free. Secondly, you don’t have a limit on the number of characters you use. You can send unlimited pictures and videos to your friends (to those who own iPhone of course).

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So here’s a list of some cool handy keyboard shortcuts that can make texting on your iPhone super easy. From basic tips to the advanced, these tips will make your life so much easier.

1.       Reveal Time Stamp


When in a chat, swipe from the right edge of the screen to reveal the time stamp for each individual message. Swipe back to hide them.

2.      Multiple Selection

Multiple Selection

As soon as you press and hold an individual message, a pop up will appear showing “more” option. Click on that to select multiple messages simultaneously. Then, you can either choose the trash icon to delete selected pictures or click on the “arrow” icon to forward the selected messages to your friends.

3.      Save Media Files

The press and hold trick can be applied to media messages too, but this time you get an additional option of “Save”. Choosing that will save the image to the camera roll.

4.      Instant Selfie

When emoticons fail, then snap an instant selfie. Just press and hold the camera button in your message window. From the various pop up options, you can click a photo and record a video. To click a selfie, tap the ‘Front camera’ icon on the top right corner of the screen.

5.      Voice Messages

Convince your dear ones with live recorded voice messages. And if your audio recording gets interrupted, you always have the option to delete it.

6.      Bunch of cool GIF’s

Bunch of cool GIF’s

The days of hunting down a perfect image on Google are now long gone. By tapping on the “A” shaped icon, you can search images and videos through your text keyboard — super useful feature for the GIF connoisseurs out there.

7.      Handwritten Notes

Handwritten Notes

Yes, your iPhone can be your own Digi pad. To access the handwriting keyboard, just tilt your phone horizontally after you’ve opened a text, and it should automatically appear.

8.      Say it with Special Effects

Say it with Special Effects

Ios10 offers us various special effects. You’ll now see a bunch of balloons crawling over the scree as soon as you write “Happy Birthday” or fireworks brightening your screen while writing “Happy Anniversary”, “Congratulations” and more.

9.      Set Custom Vibration Tones

Open your phonebook and find the person you want to customize a text tone or vibration for. Scroll down to Custom > Create New Vibration to set custom vibration tone so that you get notified when you receive a text from that special someone.

10.  Send Current Location

When you’re trying to meet up with someone, sharing your location via iMessage can be very convenient. To share your location, open thread conversation of that person you want to share your location with. Tap Details in the upper right corner of the screen to share your current location instantly.

iMessaging will make you drop all other third party instant messengers. It takes text messaging to a far new level.

So became a fan of iMessaging yet?

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