10 Best Survey Bypass Tools That You Must Know About

Long-time back, when we had to download any file, or watch a video, we could do it in few clicks. But things have now changed drastically. Many a times while surfing the internet for some information, video, or music, you might have come across those lengthy surveys. These surveys may or may not be relevant and at times demand money. Moreover, they consume a lot of time and there is no guarantee that even after completing the survey, you’ll get the information you are looking for.

Why Do We Need Survey Bypass Tools?

At times we are free to take those surveys in order to access information or download files, but when we are not, these surveys start irritating us. This leaves us with no choice but look for methods to bypass these surveys. But are there any options available for this?  Well, yes there are! You can take help of the survey bypass tools listed below which are efficient enough and save you from taking surveys every time! So, without much ado, let’s get started!

Survey Bypass Tools
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1. Bypass Survey

If you are someone who is always in hurry and need something that is extremely easy to use, then this is the one for you! Counted among simple and the best Survey Bypass Tools, this just needs the URL and rest is taken care of! You can easily proceed to the next level without taking any time-consuming surveys! The creators claim that internet is meant to be explored and thus there should not be any such restrictions on any kind of information.


  • It is available for free so that people can use this despite their financial status.
  • This one already has a list of websites that are most bypassed and have most irritating surveys.
  • You can encrypt URL, remove scripts, allow cookies, etc., in the URL thus entered easily.

2. ShareCash downloader

This one is also freely available for the users across globe! This tool needs to be downloaded after which you can bypass any survey in no matter of time. Eventually saving a lot of your time! In case you are comfortable in keeping such a tool on your system, you can download it from here and ease your task in a few easy steps.


  • It is equipped with auto update.
  • Not to forget Intuitive interface which makes work easier.
  • It claims to be faster than other survey bypass tools.

3. Survey Removal Tool

This one claims that it is updated and can bypass any survey. It wishes to free the clients who do not want to complete any survey or provide any personal information to get access to the information they are looking. This is the most feasible option on which the users can rely upon. You too can download it and surpass the headache of taking surveys.


  • The websites on which bypassing survey is extremely difficult also stand helpless when this amazing tool is used.
  • It works with almost all the browsers and helps users to surpass irritating surveys.
  • This tools even has a video tutorial to make the users enlightened of the proper way.

4. All-In-One Survey Bypass Tool

As the name defines, this one is a full-fledged tool with which bypassing surveys is as easy as snapping fingers. The best part is you don’t have to follow a long and complicated process for using this and it works efficiently. You can download it from here and seamlessly browse the Internet.


  • User-friendly and crystal-clear interface.
  • 4-step process to bypass any survey.
  • This tool is downloadable and is available at users’ finger tips every time.

5. Scriptsafe

This is yet another extension which will help you surpass the irritating surveys in no matter of time. Also, you can surpass unwanted cookies in no matter of time using this extension. In this you also have an option to allow all the blocked items once and this extension supports IPV6 as well.


  • Despite all odds, it protects against WebRTC leaks.
  • Whitelist or blacklist functionality and granular control.
  • Import domains in bulk to blacklist or whitelist list.

6. Survey Remover Pro

This claims to be one of the most popular survey bypass tools that is being used by a major section of people. You can rely on this if you are working on stubborn websites such as FireLocker, ShareCash, CleanFiles, etc. It claims that you can download several software as well using this without completing any survey.


User-friendly interface that helps you download any file or get access to any info in a few clicks.

This tool is available for android and Mac as well.

It supports thousands of websites and you will certainly be able to surpass surveys.

7. Do Not Survey

If you are someone who uses Firefox and is sick of the never-ending surveys, then this extension is for you. A few have claimed that this tool blocks some scripts of the webpage which hinder user-experience, but no specific scripts are described so far.


  • It is given by one of the loyal customers of Firefox and serves the purpose.
  • Using this, you will not need to bypass anything, it will take care of things automatically.
  • This add-on stays hidden and works from background.

8. Survey Remover

This is pretty basic tool with which you can download or access any information without taking any type of survey. Just paste the URL in the space given and the rest will be handled automatically. It claims to be the fastest way to get rid of the suspicious surveys.


  • It is quite fast and easy to use.
  • This one claims to give cent percent guarantee of satisfaction to users in bypassing surveys.
  • You can even skip the human verification in no matter of time.

9. Redirect Bypasser

It is a firefox extension with which you can get rid of the annoying surveys and reach the data you are looking for easily! It also decodes obfuscated links and thus you save a lot of time without realizing! This is possibly the best Survey Bypass Tool available now. If you are someone who keeps on searching some sort of information every now and then, this extension is must have for you!


  • It is well-equipped to handle dynamic content.
  • Extracting web address from plug-ins is quite an easy task for this tool.
  • In this, the icons are grouped by file extension and an auto set color algorithm.
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10. An Alternate Method Which Has No Involvement Of Tools

Only proceed if you have sound knowledge of JavaScript. Firstly, you’ll have to go to the this URL and copy paste the given code here. Now create a bookmark by the name “Bypass_Survey” and paste the URL which you have just copied. Now each time you are stuck with survey, just click on this bookmark, and it can be skipped without any hassle.

This is not an exhaustive list of tools and extensions that you can use, there are many more. However, these are the best Survey Bypass Tools that can be relied upon. We’d recommend that you go through each one of these and then decide which one should be taken into use. If you know about some more tools or extensions, then let us know in the comments section below!

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