10 Best Raspberry Pi Accessories

The best part about Raspberry Pi is that it can be plugged into a TV or PC, and anyone can use it with the help of a standard mouse and keyboard. Highly customizable, and capable, this small-sized PC is just awesome. From browsing the net to playing games, watching videos and making documents, it can do everything. This is the best device to get every generation into using a computer. Also, it lets the user learn the Python and scratch language to change and tweak it. The Raspberry Pi has been used extensively in many user projects undertaken by beginners to even engineers. Since, at the end of the day a Raspberry Pi is a device, it is obvious that it will need few accessories. Purchasing the same can be a huge task if one is using the Raspberry Pi for the first time. Don’t worry, we have made a list of 10 best Raspberry Pi accessories that are a must have. Let’s check them out:

1. The Official Raspberry Pi case:

The Official Raspberry Pi case

As the Raspberry Pi is a rather small device, a case is a must have protection for it. There are number of cases available for this device. Mentioned here is the official Raspberry Pi case. Its features include:

  • Variety of designs with different structures can be found.
  • Removable lid to view the Pi inside and the side panels.
  • Easy access to the Pi inside.
  • Great designs and the cover look amazing.
  • Affordable price.
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2. Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2

Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2

A great camera for a small sized computer with amazing price. That’s exactly how one can best explain this Raspberry Pi Accessory. Its key features are:

  • It has an 8 Megapixel Sony IMX219 image sensor that comes with a fixed focus lens.
  • It supports video resolution of 1080p at 30 frames, 720p at 60 frames and 640*480 at 90 frames.

It is capable of taking static images of 3280*2464 pixels.

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3.LoveRPI performance heatsink
LoveRPI performance heatsink

In order to avoid any type of overheating of the Raspberry Pi, it is always advisable to add a heatsink for cooling the processor. Its features include:

  • This heatsink is made from aluminum and comes with adhesive backing.
  • Simple to use, just stick to the processor and it will make the heat disappear.
  • Affordable ($5) and comes in pairs.

4. Raspberry Pi 7” Touchscreen:
Raspberry Pi 7” Touchscreen

This is one of the best Raspberry Pi Accessory as it allows the user to build an even greater Raspberry Pi touchscreen computer! That’s right. With this one accessory one can project and display the Raspberry Pi as the epitome of technology. Its features include:

  • It lets you use the Pi as a computer or tablet without the need to plug it into a monitor/tv.
  • It is easy to set up and assemble.
  • It has its own case, and also practical enough for people to print 3D cases for it.

5. Development Kit for Raspberry Pi 3
Development Kit for Raspberry Pi 3

This kit is one of the most crucial accessory set for any Raspberry Pi. With it, one can learn the basics of digital electronics! The key aspects of this accessory kit are:

  • Sensor modules and electronic components are available to get the user started with learning digital electronic.
  • It has a carrying case that keeps the things organized.
  • It also includes breadboard, jumper wires, LEDs sets and much more.

6. Western Digital PiDrive
Western Digital PiDrive

One can avail a mass storage device for their Raspberry Pi in order to store extra data, which is made available to the user by Western Digital. It includes:

  • It is a slim HDD with cables for attaching it the Raspberry Pi.
  • A microSD card preloaded with NOOBS is included in the kit.
  • Easy installation of system software.
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7. Mini Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo
Mini Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

If one uses their Raspberry Pi as a gaming device or a media device, they definitely need a keyboard and this particular accessory comes with a mouse too. Listed below are the key feature of this hardware:

  • Wireless QWERTY keyboard with a touchpad mouse
  • It also has an RGB black light color that is adjustable.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.

8. Pi-top Ceed
Pi-top Ceed

Pi-top Ceed can turn the small circuit board into a mini desktop computer. By placing the Raspberry Pi device in this casing, one can easily operate it. As its hardware expands, it helps in teaching codes to people. It includes:

  • It is modular with 14-inch HD display.
  • It also has a stand around to hold the Ceed in place and is adjustable.
  • Simple to use by just opening and plugging it and attaching it to Raspberry Pi.
  • It has pre-installed software that can be changed.

9. Rii I8 Mini Keyboard
Rii I8 Mini Keyboard

Since a Raspberry Pi requires an input method, the Rii I8 mini-keyboards are the best bet. It includes:

  • A wireless keyboard with a touchpad that works just as a regular keyboard/mouse will work.
  • It is cheap, $15 to be precise.
  • The battery works much longer than smartphones and is chargeable.

10. Pi sense hat
Pi sense hat

This adds a lot of functionality to the Pi projects as it offers options like pressure detection, humidity and temperature sensors etc. This is a very versatile piece of hardware that assists in the completion of a lot of projects. It also includes:

  • A magnetometer and a barometer and much more.
  • It supports a 5-button joystick for gaming projects.
  • It hooks to the GPIO port.
  • It is affordable ($40).
  • It fits into the official Raspberry Pi case.

A Raspberry Pi is a multipurpose computing device. Hence, it is important that it be adorned with the best accessories. The best Raspberry Pi Accessories help the device work even better. There you have it folks! Do drop us a line in the comments section below if we have missed any important accessory.

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