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Did you know that Apple App Store ranks second in availability of apps on any platform? It has approximately 1, 5000,000 apps for users all around. These include basic applications like Gmail and day planners to mind-blowing apps like language learners. Having all of them at once  is like overflowing an iPhone with redundancy.

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Therefore, it’s better to opt for the most required and must have apps. This write-up recommends 10 apps that every iPhone user must have.

  • Tuneup Contacts:

tuneup contacts apps for iPhone

Tuneup Contacts manages and organizes contacts in an iPhone. It brings all your iPhone contacts in shape in instants and effortlessly. Merge any contact, delete duplicates, remove unnecessary contacts, create groups and backup all your contacts online with this single application. Developed by Systweak Software, the app owns perfect five stars on the App Store. The app makes out to be the perfect app for contacts on your iPhone.


  • Evernote Scannable:

evernote scanable iphone app

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As the name suggests, Evernote Scannable scans all sort of papers and convert them into soft copy, which can be shared by dropping at any platform that you use. The app makes it convenient to instantly transfer any hard copy by converting it into a soft copy. Developed by Evernote, the app owns perfect 5 stars, making itself unavoidable.

  • Prosper Daily:

prosper daily app for iPhone 6

Prosper Daily is a financial tool for maintaining accounts and spending aptly. The app also allows tracking credit scores and send alerts when your card is used away from your location. Prosper Daily a smart way to take hold on your spending and finances. It shares good rating on app store with 4.5 stars.

  • EasilyDo:

easilydo app for iPhone

If you are looking for a virtual program that can take care of your personal and professional life, EasilyDo is your way. The app will perform some bizarre task for you, including checking traffic at the time of emergency, reminding to respond to an important mail that might have slipped from your mind, and lots more. Users on App Store have rated the app with 4.5 stars.

  • Right Backup Anywhere:

best cloud backup app for iPhone

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Right Backup Anywhere helps you create back-up of all your photos, videos, documents and music files. The back-up files are stored on cloud and are shareable. The app eliminates the risk of losing any important file. Back-up any file at anytime from anywhere with Right Backup Anywhere. The app holds 4 stars on the App Store and is also compatible with other platforms like Mac, Android and Windows.

  •  Shazam:

shazam app for iPhone

Possibilities are that you must already be having this incredible music app, if not than you must get this musical app asap! Shazam is a music app which helps identify any music track and artist along with its lyrics. The popular app is developed by Shazam Entertainment Ltd. and has been rated with 4.5 stars on App Store.

  • Dashlane:

dashlane app for iPhone

Dashlane is password manager and digital wallet securer. You can count on the app for keeping all your passwords secure at one place. The app also allows to login to all your accounts once they are carefully saved with the app. Users have rated this handy and useful app with 4.5 stars.

  • Onavo Extend:

onavo extend for iPhone

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With all extraordinary utilities, you must also have an app that helps you save your mobile data. Onavo Extend is intended to do that for you. The app saves data by balancing the data load time and turning mobile data off automatically when connected with Wi-Fi. This Onavo Inc. utility holds perfect 5 stars on App Store.

  • Flipboard:

flipboard app for iPhone

Flipboard is a virtual magazine, giving all information from all corners of the world. The app is designed with many segments which contain thousands of stories, pictures, videos and follow-up stories. You can add up any segment in your favorite list and follow-up with them. The utility is rated with 4 stars on Apple App Store.

  • Pedometer++:

pedometer++ for iPhone user

Pedometer ++ is the perfect app to count on when it comes to health. It helps you improve your health by keeping track of steps that you take daily and weekly. With a few settings like automatically showing foot count and alike, this app helps in balancing your walk and health. Users have rated the app with 4 stars on App Store.


These 10 must have apps are certain to complete your iPhone. Apart from the basic apps like Gmail and WhatsApp, you must get these apps. Their exclusive functions enrich your virtual experience and save a lot of your valuable time.

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