10 Amazing Facts about Microsoft You Might Not Know

Microsoft isn’t an unknown name to any of us. We must have all used its product in our lives, at least once (if not more, dang!). Yes, most certainly Microsoft’s programs and software work exuberantly and deliver the best of services. But have you ever wondered there must be some trivia and facts associated with it?

Well, this top notch computer brand has much going on behind the scenes, (which you have been missing all this while). Here is a glimpse of how Microsoft has worked so far, what fun do they have at work, and other facts allied to it.

  • Average Age of an Employee:

Primarily, they aren’t called employees there. Its ‘Softie’ for them. A Softie at Microsoft is 38-year-old male, who owns an average salary of $106,000. There are more than 100,000 people employed at Microsoft. Out of this, male employee ratio is considerably high.

  • Meaning of ‘Microsoft’:

The name Microsoft was given by Bill Gates to its co-founder Paul Allen. He originally wrote it as Micro-soft, which meant ‘microcomputer’ and software. This was later changed and the company was officially registered as ‘Microsoft’ in the year 1976.

  • The Microsoft Sound:

Do you clearly remember Microsoft sound? Well, it was given by musician Brian Eno and was embedded in Microsoft computer with Windows 95.

  • Microsoft Logos:

The recent Microsoft logo change became a talk of the town. But this wasn’t the first time the company had done this, however, it was after long 25 years. Microsoft has changed it logo several times, counting to 8 times in total.

  • The Anniversary Trend:

Like others, Microsoft too has anniversary trends. They celebrate their anniversary by inviting M&Ms from employees for the number of years they have worked with the company. So that follows, if any employee is working from past 10 years, he should turn up with 10 pounds of M&Ms.

  • Art Collection at Microsoft:

No wonder if we call Microsoft a hub of Artwork. It has more than 5000 contemporary pieces such as painting, sculpture, paper works, photographs, ceramics, studio glass and multimedia works.

  • Windows 95 Advertisement:

Windows 95 was certainly a big force in the world of computing. It received enormous response. But the company had also spent huge amount on its advertisement. Microsoft had a budget of around $300 million, back in 1995 (which is a big deal, anyway).

  • Microsoft Toppled Apple in Smartphone market:

Of course we aren’t talking about the current scenario, but back in 2000. Yes, Microsoft had struggled to come up with Windows mobile on PDAs and smartphones 7 years before Apple released its first phone. Although the company has gained popularity in smartphones market as it has expected and wanted, but was way too ahead.

  • The First Hardware:

Microsoft’s first hardware was the Microsoft Mouse back in 1983. Though, the company has been a pro in developing and delivering software but it developed its hardware way too later.

  • Microsoft and Sega:

We all have our share of love for Xbox. But do you know Microsoft wanted to acquire Sega before developing and releasing Xbox in the market. It was to be done in an effort to take over Sony’s PlayStation market.

So these are 10 lesser known facts about Microsoft. If you know more, you can share them with us in the comment section below!

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